mobile cash register system

The EcoPOS cash register system is designed for all iOS devices and is completely free.

about ecopos

The system is designed for easy billing, without the purchase of additional cash register equipment. It includes a number of practical cash register functions that will make your work easier and keep track of your stores. We have been developing cash register systems for over 20 years and we know which functions are used and which are not. The pleasant and intuitive working environment displays only important controls, so it is possible to work comfortably with the cash register system even on smaller phones.

The EcoPOS cash register system enables payments in cash, meal vouchers and, with a connected terminal, a payment card. Payments can be made in crowns and euros according to the current exchange rate. Receipts can be sent by e-mail and printed on an external printer. The system supports EET and thanks to automatic backups you do not have to worry about your data.

EcoPOS mobile

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our system and its features

One of the most important features of the EcoPOS cash register system is the support of EET. It is also possible to use alternation of shifts, settings of VAT payer and non-payer, as well as import of the database from the previous cash solution.

  • EET support
  • card payments
  • shift rotation
  • clear statistics
  • sending sales to the owner by e-mail
  • possibility to connect a printer
  • sending receipts by e-mail
  • payment in CZK and Euro according to the current exchange rate
  • secure data backup
  • export x import database
  • VAT settings, payer x non-VAT payer

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sample application

See in the previews how simple the system is and how the individual controls are clearly arranged.