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about the system

The EcoMailing system allows you to send e-mail templates in bulk to various groups of recipients. It can be used especially in direct marketing and in connection with the information system as well as support for the call center.

The application is created from our original internal system, which we have been using for many years, so we can offer a truly functional and time-tested system. Gradually, new functions were added to it and, conversely, the unimportant ones were deleted. That's why today the application is very fast and contains everything you need for email marketing.

Price for you

od 699 CZK / month

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Important system features

The system is fully automatic, you just need to customize the template, import the list of recipients, set the data on distribution and everything happens by itself.

  • two levels of groups - the main can contain any number of subgroups
  • email personalization using a placeholder
  • sending can be scheduled for date and time
  • statistics on received, read, sent and unsent
  • import addresses from a CSV file with automatic duplicate checking
  • check addresses for syntax and domain existence
  • two types of recipients - direct marketing and call center
  • HTML email templates with a link to unsubscribe and view in the browser
  • testing of delivery to any address
  • when connected to the IS, the possibility to send to newly registered clients and business cases

how does it work

It all starts with entering e-mail addresses, which can also be imported from a CSV file. You can divide the addresses into different groups and then send the prepared HTML e-mail templates to them. Emails can contain everything important for working with the client. With the help of placeholders, they enable the personalization of individual e-mails, they can contain a link for displaying the e-mail in a web browser and, of course, a legally stipulated link for unsubscribing.

A read information code is also inserted into each email, which is then used to evaluate success. After the delivery is completed, statistics on received, read, sent and unsent emails are available. These groups can be exported to a CSV file and further worked with. Thanks to the connection to the information system, you also get other options, such as connection to questionnaires from the information system and simple import of e-mail groups and their automatic update. You can use it mainly when sending e-mails to newly registered customers, directly at the time of registration or with the time delay you entered.

When importing a group of addresses, duplication is checked, so it is not possible to import one address into one group more than once. Imported addresses can be checked for syntax and existence of the e-mail domain. Non-existent addresses are not deleted from the system, but only marked as inactive and not sent to them.

sample application

The application itself is very clear and intuitive. You will learn to work with it very quickly. It works in a web browser, so you can control it from any computer connected to the internet. You can see the details in the following screenshots.