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We have selected for you some of the opinions of our clients.

logo Na Františku Hospital

Soňa Kouřimská - head of operations department

„Due to the fact that this cleaning company and its employees have proven themselves and we are completely satisfied with them, we will be happy to continue our cooperation.“

logo Rádio Impuls

Pavel Janda - Londa s.r.o.

„I appreciate the communication with the whole cleaning team. There was never a problem with the company and any small operational matters were resolved immediately.“

logo GastroZoom

Petr Novak - GastroZoom

„We searched for something reasonable for a long time, until finally a friend recommended me to try this system, that they offer it for one year for free. We have been in this mode for several months now and we really like the program and it suits us. We use it mainly for managing our salespeople and managing contacts. But I think we will gradually start using the whole portfolio of functions that CRM offers.“

logo Conclusive Method of Solution, s.r.o.

Martin Krásný – Conclusive Method of Solution, s.r.o.

„The Ekobit company provides us with the operation and service of a parking system in the ŠKODA Museum car park, which exactly meets our needs and is the only one of its kind on the market. We value cooperation with Ekobit from several points of view, but the most important thing is their personal, individual and helpful approach.“

logo Flower Service

Jiří Šiška - Flower Service

„We implemented the EcoCRM CRM system in our company in May 2012. The primary goal was to record our business contacts, but also to monitor new business opportunities, based on which we wanted to achieve better results. As soon as they deployed this system, training began for us, of which we were a little scared. However, the training went very smoothly and beyond our expectations. We started using the system from the first day after the training. In the beginning, about one to two months there were a few problems and shortcomings, which is probably completely normal for such a system, but thanks to reliable support, we managed everything. Today, we can no longer imagine our business without EcoCRM.“

logo Vivenso

Lucie Kašparová - Vivenso

„Lucie Kašpárková needed to solve a call center for her 4 operators. She was looking for a simple and cheap solution. The primary goal was to record operator calls and business contacts, to achieve better results in the number of calls. We deployed the EcoCALL system, a training was held that the operators were afraid of. However, the training went perfectly, beyond expectations. We started using the system from the first day after the training. In the beginning, one to two months, a few additional consultations were solved, all they had to do by phone was, which is completely normal for the new system, but subsequently no further calls and consultations were needed. Thanks to the support, we managed everything.“

logo Arcibiskupství pražské

Yveta Jirušková - DUDA SVD spol. s.r.o.

„During our time as a management company for the Archbishopric of Prague, we have replaced several cleaning companies. Finally, the company EKOBIT cleaning was able to meet our needs, meet all obligations and our requirements.“